For as long as he can remember, Daniel Maddalozzo has taken an interest in the environment and natural world around him. From fishing with his family in the Great Lakes around Illinois, to scuba diving in the Caribbean and around Hawaii, Maddalozzo has been intimately connected with the natural world. He earned his PADI scuba diving certification at the age of twelve, and has developed his undersea skills to include underwater photography during his dives.

An avid traveler, Daniel Maddalozzo has visited several countries around the world and spent a summer studying in England. His travels have taken him around Europe, with multiple visits to Italy, and outside both national coasts to the Caribbean and Hawaiian islands. Maddalozzo currently holds a blue belt in the Korean martial art of Kuk Sool, and is seeking an outlet to continue training while at University in Chicago.

In preparation for college, Daniel Maddalozzo attended Loyola Academy where he performed to the highest degree among his friends and colleagues. While at Loyola Academy, he joined several organizations on campus and played an integral part in the school’s Scholastic Bowl, where he was nominated as the team’s most valuable player. Upon graduation, Maddalozzo received summa cum laude distinction, and was accepted to Loyola University in Chicago. With aspirations to assist with and create his own film documentaries, he is currently double majoring in both Anthropology and Film Production with a minor in Historical Studies.

In addition to his studies, Daniel Maddalozzo participates in philanthropic services in the community. He has volunteered his time tutoring fellow college students in American History, has become a junior docent at the Museum of Natural History, and has supervised children as a Summer Camp Counselor. Most significantly, Maddalozzo is currently tutoring grade school students from low-income and underprivileged suburbs of Chicago.


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