Loyola University student Daniel Maddalozzo is currently majoring in anthropology and film production. A PADI-certified scuba diver since he was 12 years old, he has dived in many locations across the Caribbean as well as in Hawaii. Also working on his underwater photography skills, Daniel Maddalozzo enjoys scuba diving because it allows him to be involved in the environment and get close to wildlife.

scuba-diver-011The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, or PADI, is a scuba diving training organization that educates individuals regarding diving, the activity’s equipment, and methods of environmental conservation while diving. PADI has trained more than 136,000 PADI professionals at more than 6,200 dive shops and resorts worldwide.

Learning to scuba dive with PADI is done in three different phases. The first phase is knowledge development and involves learning the language and basic principles of scuba diving. The second phase of the training involves confined water dives and scuba skills training. Here students learn to dive into a pool or body of water, set up gear, and practice emergency skills. The third and final phase of training is an open water dive, either locally or on vacation. In this dive, students, accompanied by their PADI instructor, receive the complete beginner level experience.